Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've been a baaad blogger. I've had all of the intentions of posting but none of the ambition.

I could say that I haven't had the time but the truth is that I’ve had the time but haven't used it wisely But I've come to realize that I need this blog...I just didn't realize it.

I started to write the following about 6 months ago:

It’s amazing what a difference a few years can make.

I remember making this comment a few years back:

“I could never become a vegetarian. I couldn’t NOT eat meat & cheese!”

I then remember making this comment:

“I’m a vegetarian now but I could never go vegan…that would just be too hard.”

About a year ago I was thinking this:

“I could never go raw…what could I eat?”

Well, I’m not going raw, but I am finding that there are plenty of things to eat that are scrumptious. I’ve made 3 different raw smoothies this week for breakfast and those mornings were my best in a long time. I felt like I had so much energy plus the typical work “crap” didn’t seem to affect me as much as it usually does.

A lot has happened since then. I have worked my way up to running for an hour straight. I’ve lost almost 50 pounds as compared to the same time last year. I’ve given away much of my active wardrobe as it just does not fit anymore.

But I’ve felt myself start to slip recently. As I mentioned, I am able to run for an hour straight whereas I have never, ever been a runner, but the same wonderful person who has been educating me in the raw foods has also shared with me a plan to condition your body for running.

I did great for the 3 months as I was building up to the hour and I did pretty good for a couple of months after that. Then I injured my foot, so I let that sideline me for a couple of weeks. Although my injury is behind me, I still haven’t picked up where I left off.

So, this is part of the reason why I realized that I need this blog. I do not function the best when I am left to my own devices. I need structure.

I just recently cracked open a book that I bought months & months ago and I also bought the follow up to it. These books are Thrive & Thrive: Nutrition by Brendan Brazier. In his follow up book is what I’ve been looking for for years. He illustrates some basic but sensible exercises and the equipment necessary is minimal. He also talks about how to improve your (running) endurance.

So, I’ve created the next phase of my training based upon what he talks about. I have a 5 week plan that I will revise in around weeks. I am tracking how far & how long I am running based on the plan.

I will also soon restart my weight training program based upon his book and revise that as well near the end of the stint.

My nutrition is also an area I need to keep an eye on.

My diet is mainly raw throughout the week. I have a smoothie for breakfast and fruits (and occasionally nuts) for morning & afternoon snacks. My lunches vary from a cucumber/avocado/dulse salad (which I head on a David Wolf podcast) to a salad from Ani Phyo newest book. It’s been a few months but I was eating nut patte wraps as well.

What I intend to do is plan out my menu for the entire week and track my actual intake in comparison.

When I have the free time, I have a wild idea to create a database of foods and their nutritional content. I plan on using this in conjunction with my weekly menu with the intent that it will provide me with a daily tally of all of the vitals (calories, protein, etc).

So, in closing, it is with great anticipation that I reboot this blog and include great content to serve not only myself but whoever may stumble across it.

Here’s to a new beginning!