Friday, February 5, 2010

I’ve UnFriended Myself

I’ve left Facebook…for the time being.

I guess I just didn’t fit in with my circle of Facebook Friends. It seems like I didn’t have anything to offer.

Everyday I would see peoples’ recent kill numbers in Mafia Wars or that someone found a lonely sheep on Farmville. Just the scores that some people were racking up on that week’s video games were discouraging enough.

I just didn’t fit it. Did I want to fit in?

I joined Facebook to connect with people…family, friends, old classmates…the usual. I would get excited when someone I knew long ago would “Friend” me. I would write back to them trying to get caught up, etc but never hear back from them. I certainly would see their results in the latest Facebook poll, what celebrity they “are” or their progress in the aforementioned games.

Even when I posted something (a picture of a dish I just made, or a funny snapshot) I typically would get sarcastic replies…for that I could always count on.

I did meet quite a few people though. Fortunately, I can still follow their updates over on the Twitter.

I guess I kind of see Facebook as high school and Twitter as college. Not in the intellectual sense, but in high school you’re pretty much stuck with what you have (almost like family) but at college the chances of you finding someone or a group of people with like ideas rose dramatically (by no means am I insinuating that the content on Twitter is any more in-depth than Facebook).

There will come a day when I return to Facebook as that is the best way to stay easily connected with some people, but it will be at a much more manageable level.

At the very least this will free up some time to post here more often. Hopefully I can increase the quality and quantity of what I dispense here.


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  1. It's the reason I'm not on Facebook either. I don't want to get sucked in.